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Paper Pickup Roller, Canon Toner, Riso Duplicator Ink manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Nrolr0055qsz1 (1PC) , Nrolr0054qszz (1PC) Paper Pickup Roller Kit for Sharp Ar 208/235/236/237/276/277, Compatible Ricoh Sp 4100n OPC Drum, Toner Cartridge for Xerox DC235 for Xerox DC 235 / 245 / 255 / 285 / 385 / 405 and so on.

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Home Product PICK UP ROLLER Copier pickup roller Nrolr0055qsz1 (1PC) , Nrolr0054qszz (1PC) Paper Pickup Roller Kit for Sharp Ar 208/235/236/237/276/277

Nrolr0055qsz1 (1PC) , Nrolr0054qszz (1PC) Paper Pickup Roller Kit for Sharp Ar 208/235/236/237/276/277

FOB Price: US $5
Min. Order: 20 Sets
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20 Sets US $5
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Basic Info
  • Model NO.: NROLR0055QSZ1
  • Type: Gear
  • For Printer Brand: Sharp
Product Description
RM can offer you good quality spare parts for all copier and printer spare parts with original quality for Canon HP RICOH Toshiba SHARP KONICA MINOLTA KYOCERA MITA Samsung BROTHER XEROX Panasonic

The hot selling parts are as following"

Primary charge roller, upper fuser roller(hot roller), lower pressure roller, drum cleaning blade, chips, magnetic roller, OPC drum, drum unit, developer. Paper pick up roller, Fuser Fixing Film, transfer roller, speration, paper feed roller. Fuser Gear, lamp, upper picker finger, spring, hot roller, cleaning roller(oil roller),

Compatible good quality raw materil from Japan is used in NROLR0055QSZ1 (1PC), NROLR0054QSZZ (1PC) Paper Pickup Roller Kit for Sharp AR 208/235/236/237/276/277

The following is the compatible spare parts fdor sharp copiers
SHARP ARM208/208N Lower Sleeved Roller NROLR0081QSZZ
SHARP ARM208/208N Drum Cleaning Blade UCLEZ0011QSZZ
SHARP ARM208/208N Lower Picker Finger PTME0014QSZZ
SHARP ARM208/208N Upper Picker Finger PTME0024QSZZ
SHARP ARM208/208N Paper Feed Roller NROLR0055QSZZ
SHARP ARM208/208N Paper Pickup Roller NROLR0054QSZ1
SHARP ARM208/208N Paper Pickup Roller Kit NROLR0055QSZ1(1Pc),NROLR0054QSZZ(1Pc)
SHARP ARM236/237/276/277
SHARP ARM236/237/276/277 Upper Fuser Roller NROLM0098QSZ1
SHARP ARM236/237/276/277 Lower Sleeved Roller NROLR0113QSZZ
SHARP ARM236/237/276/277 Drum Cleaning Blade UCLEZ0011QSZZ
SHARP ARM236/237/276/277 Upper Roller Gear 38T NGERH0171QSZZ
SHARP ARM236/237/276/277 Upper Roller Bushing NBRGP0025QSZZ
SHARP ARM236/237/276/277 Upper Picker Finger PTME0024QSZZ
SHARP ARM236/237/276/277 Upper Picker Finger PTME0282FCZZ
SHARP ARM236/237/276/277 Lower Picker Finger PTME0014QSZZ
SHARP ARM236/237/276/277 Upper Picker Finger Spring MSPRT2852FCZZ
SHARP ARM236/237/276/277 Paper Feed Roller NROLR0055QSZZ
SHARP ARM236/237/276/277 Paper Pickup Roller NROLR0054QSZ1
SHARP ARM236/237/276/277 Paper Pickup Roller Kit NROLR0055QSZ1(1Pc),NROLR0054QSZZ(1Pc),
SHARP ARM256L/316L/ARM258/318
SHARP ARM256L/316L/M258/318 Upper Fuser Roller NROLM0129QSZZ
SHARP ARM256L/316L/M258/318 Lower Sleeved Roller NROLR0136QSZZ
SHARP ARM256L/316L/M258/318 Drum Cleaning Blade UCLEZ0011QSZZ
SHARP ARM256L/316L/M258/318 Upper Roller Gear 38T NGERH0171QSZZ
SHARP ARM256L/316L/M258/318 Upper Roller Bushing NBRGP0025QSZZ
SHARP ARM256L/316L/M258/318 Upper Picker Finger PTME0024QSZZ
SHARP ARM256L/316L/M258/318 Upper Picker Finger PTME0282FCZZ
SHARP ARM256L/316L/M258/318 Lower Picker Finger PTME0014QSZZ
SHARP ARM256L/316L/M258/318 Upper Picker Finger Spring MSPRT2852FCZZ
SHARP ARM256L/316L/M258/318 Htr Lamp-1 230V650W RLMPU0028QSZZ
SHARP ARM256L/316L/M258/318 Htr Lamp-2 230V560W RLMPU0029QSZZ
SHARP ARM256L/316L/M258/318 Paper Feed Roller NROLR0132QSZZ
SHARP ARM256L/316L/M258/318 Paper Pickup Roller NROLR0133QSZZ
SHARP AR235/AR255L/AR275
SHARP AR235/AR275 Upper Fuser Roller NROLM0086QSZZ
SHARP AR235/AR275 Lower Sleeved Roller NROLR0083QSZZ
SHARP AR235/AR275 Drum Cleaning Blade UCLEZ0011QSZZ
SHARP AR275 Upper Picker Finger PTME0024QSZZ
SHARP AR235 Upper Picker Finger PTME0282FCZZ
SHARP AR235/AR275 Lower Picker Finger PTME0014QSZZ
SHARP AR235/AR275 Paper Feed Roller NROLR0055QSZZ
SHARP AR235/AR275 Paper Pickup Roller NROLR0054QSZ1
SHARP AR235/AR275 Paper Pickup Roller Kit NROLR0055QSZ1(1Pc),NROLR0054QSZZ(1Pc)
SHARP AR200/201/205/206/207
SHARP AR200/201/205/206/207 Upper Fuser Roller NROLI0030FCZZ
SHARP AR200/201/205/206/207 Lower Sleeved Roller NROLR0031QSZZ
SHARP AR200/201/205/206/207 Drum Cleaning Blade UCLEZ0009QSZ1
SHARP AR200/201/205/206/207  Upper Roller Bushing NBRGP0567FCZZ
SHARP AR200/201/205/206/207  Lower Roller Bushing NBRGP0260FCZ1
SHARP AR200/201/205/206/207  Upper Picker Finger PTME0020GCZ1
SHARP AR200/201/205/206/207  Lower Picker Finger PTME0014QSZZ
SHARP AR200/201/205/206/207  Upper Roller Gear 45T NGERH0540FCZ1
SHARP AR200/201/205/206/207  Developer Gear Kit NGERH0002YSZZ,  NGERH0001YSZZ,   NGERH0028QSZZ,
SHARP AR200/201/205/206/207  Htr Lamp 120V1000W RLMPU0015QSZZ
SHARP AR200/201/205/206/207  Htr Lamp 220V1000W RLMPU0007QSZZ
SHARP AR200/201/205/206/207 Paper Feed Roller CROLP0039QS01
SHARP AR-3818S/AR-3020D/AR-3821D
SHARP AR-3818S/3020D/3821D Upper Fuser Roller NROLI0030FCZZ
SHARP AR-3818S/3020D/3821D Lower Sleeved Roller NROLR0031QSZZ
SHARP AR-3818S/3020D/3821D Drum Cleaning Blade UCLEZ0009QSZ1
SHARP AR-3818S/3020D/3821D Upper Roller Bushing NBRGP0567FCZZ
SHARP AR-3818S/3020D/3821D Lower Roller Bushing NBRGP0028QSZZ
SHARP AR-3818S/3020D/3821D Upper Picker Finger PTME0039QSZZ
SHARP AR-3818S/3020D/3821D Lower Picker Finger PTME0014QSZZ
SHARP AR-3818S/3020D/3821D Upper Roller Gear 45T NGERH0540FCZ1
SHARP AR-3818S/3020D/3821D Paper Feed Tire PGUMM0017QSZZ
SHARP ARM350/ARM450 Upper Fuser Roller NROLT1313FCZZ
SHARP ARM350/ARM450 Lower Sleeved Roller NROLI1314FCZZ
SHARP ARM350/ARM450 Lower Cleaning Roller NROLM1387FCZZ
SHARP ARM350/ARM450 Drum Cleaning Blade CCLEZ0162FC31
SHARP ARM350/ARM450 Upper Roller Gear 48T NGERH1380FCZZ
SHARP ARM350/ARM450 Upper Roller Bearing NBRGY0646FCZZ
SHARP ARM350/ARM450 Lower Roller Bearing NBRGY0093FCZZ
SHARP ARM350/ARM450 Upper Picker Finger PTME0282FCZZ
SHARP ARM350/ARM450 Lower Picker Finger PTME0283FCZZ
SHARP ARM350/ARM450 Upper Picker Finger Spring MSPRT2852FCZZ
SHARP ARM280/ARM350/ARM450 Doc Feed Roller NROLR1317FCZZ
SHARP ARM355U/ARM455U Paper Feed Roller NROLR1508FCZZ
SHARP ARM355U/ARM455U Paper Pickup Roller NROLR1509FCZZ
SHARP ARM350/ARM450 Paper Pickup Roller NROLR1312FCZZ
SHARP ARM350/ARM450 Separation Roller NROLR1311FCZZ
SHARP ARM350/ARM450 Paper Pickup Roller Kit NROLR1312FCZZ(1Pc),  NROLR1311FCZZ(2Pc),
SHARP ARM351U/ARM451U Upper Fuser Roller NROLT1549FCZZ
SHARP ARM351U/ARM451U Lower Sleeved Roller NROLI1314FCZ1
SHARP ARM351U/ARM451U Drum Cleaning Blade CCLEZ0162FC31
SHARP ARM351U/ARM451U Upper Roller Bearing NBRGY0646FCZZ
SHARP ARM351U/ARM451U Upper Roller Gear 48T NGERH1380FCZZ
SHARP ARM351U/ARM451U Lower Roller Bearing NBRGY0724FCZZ
SHARP ARM351U/ARM451U Upper Picker Finger PTME0300FCZZ
SHARP ARM351U/ARM451U Lower Picker Finger PTME0283FCZZ
SHARP ARM351U/ARM451U Paper Feed Roller NROLR1508FCZZ
SHARP ARM351U/ARM451U Paper Pickup Roller NROLR1509FCZZ
SHARP ARM351U/ARM451U ADF Pickup Roller NROLR1312FCZZ(1Pc),  NROLR1317FCZZ(1Pc),
SHARP MX-M363U/453U/503U Upper Fuser Roller NROLT1821FCZZ
SHARP MX-M363U/453U/503U Lower Sleeved Roller NROLI1827FCZZ
SHARP MX-M363U/453U/503U Fuser Cleaning Web NROLR1576FCZZ
SHARP MX-M363U/453U/503U Drum Cleaning Blade N/A
SHARP MX-M363U/453U/503U Upper Picker Finger PTME0345FCZZ
SHARP MX-M363U/453U/503U Lower Picker Finger PTME0283FCZZ
SHARP MX-M363U/453U/503U Upper Roller Bearing NBRGY0599FCZZ
SHARP MX-M363U/453U/503U Upper Roller Bushing LBSHZ0376FCZ1
SHARP MX-M363U/453U/503U Separation Roller NROLR1466FCZ1
SHARP MX-M363U/453U/503U Paper Pick-up Roller NROLR1467FCZ2
SHARP MX-M363U/453U/503U Paper Feeed Roller NROLR1738FCZ1
SHARP MX-M363U/453U/503U Paper Pickup Roller Kit NROLR1466FCZ1(4Pc), NROLR1467FCZ1(1Pc),  NROLR1738FCZ1(1Pc),
SHARP MX-M363U/453U/503U ADF Pickup Roller NROLR1542FCZZ(1Pc), NROLR1541FCZZ(2Pc),
SHARP ARM550/620/700 Upper Fuser Roller NROLT1452FCZ1
SHARP ARM550/620/700 Lower Sleeved Roller NROLI1453FCZ1
SHARP ARM550/620/700 Upper Roller Gear 48T NGERH1594FCZZ
SHARP ARM550/620/700 Upper Picker Finger PTME0282FCZZ
SHARP ARM550/620/700 Lower Picker Finger PTME0298FCZZ
SHARP ARM550/620/700 Auxilliary Heating Roller Bushing NBRGP0700QS01
SHARP ARM550/620/700 Upper Roller Bearing NBRGY0729FCZZ
SHARP ARM550/620/700 Drum Cleaning Blade CCLEZ0173FC32
SHARP ARM550/620/700 ADF Pickup Roller NROLR1475FCZZ
SHARP ARM550/620/700 ADF Feed Roller NROLR1462FCZZ
SHARP ARM550/620/700 ADF Reverse Roller NROLR1476FCZZ
SHARP ARM550/620/700 ADF Pickup Roller Kit NROLR1475FCZZ(1Pc),NROLR1462FCZZ(1Pc),NROLR1476FCZZ(1Pc),
SHARP ARM550/620/700 Separation Roller NROLR1466FCZ1
SHARP ARM550/620/700 Paper Pickup Roller NROLR1467FCZ1
SHARP ARM550/620/700 Paper Pickup Roller Kit NROLR1466FCZ1(2Pc), NROLR1467FCZ1(1Pc),

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